MicroAmp plates

Paul Shinn pshinn at mail2.sas.upenn.edu
Sun Dec 19 09:07:49 EST 1999

Derek Harkins (derek_harkins at ncsu.edu) wrote:

:         I'm trying to get a 3700 online, and I am currently looking for
: an alternative to the MicroAmp Optical plates that fit into the sample
: carriers that are loaded into the instrument.   I am of course concerned
: about tolerances so I can avoid problems with the probe tips.

    Derek, a skirtless PCR plate placed into the white 3700 plate holder
works just fine.  PE also has plastic racks with a top and bottom that
snap together and hold PCR strip tubes.  That rack fits into a base that
has the same footprint and dimensions as the Microamp tray and white
holder--well not that I've measured it but I've NEVER had problems using
the PCR plates or the tubes. 


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