Job availability: Director - DNA Sequencing facility

Francis Ouellette francis at cmmt.ubc.ca
Wed Dec 15 23:28:31 EST 1999

Job Title:	Director - DNA Sequencing

Facility Description:	The sequencing facility produces both large-scale
genomic sequences and processes individual sequence requests.  It also
performs collaborative microsatellite and SNP genotyping for mapping in
human and model organisms.  The facility's dedicated staff also train and
work with clients and visiting scientists on a collaborative basis.  

Job Summary:	Directing daily sequencing activities for a collaborative
research program funded by the Centre for Molecular Medicine and
Therapeutics (CMMT), the Canadian Genetic Diseases Network (CGDN), and the
Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology (IMCB) of Singapore.    Duties
include: Daily sequencing and genotyping work using ABI and Li-Cor
machines;  maintaining DNA sequencers and trouble shooting equipment or
chemistry problems; construction of plasmid libraries from large insert
clones; sequence analysis and assembly; primer design; polymorphic fragment
analysis; building and maintaining partnership and client relations.  The
Director is also responsible for the implementation of computer hardware
and software for storage, handling and assembly of sequences; and the
training of staff and visiting scientists in the use of these resources.  
	Proven leadership and supervisory skills are required to lead this genomic
study funded by multiple sources.

Work Location:  	CMMT, Vancouver, B.C., see http://www.cmmt.ubc.ca

Qualification:		University degree in Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry,
and  extensive experience in DNA sequencing.    Knowledge of ABI and Li-Cor
automated sequencers.  Excellent management and communication skills, and
knowledge of Mac computers.   Unix skills and bioinformatics knowledge is
necessary for this position.  Previous supervisory experience required.

E-mail resume to:	      

Dr. Michael Hayden 
Director, CMMT
Email:  mrh at cmmt.ubc.ca


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