Phred vs ABI caller and Formamide

Robert Chadwick chadwick-1 at medctr.osu.edu
Tue Dec 7 08:48:07 EST 1999

We also get good results with phred on the 3700 and have noticed little difference in the base callers (besides the 3700 analysis software being a bit buggy and unstable).  When we first got our 3700 in May/June of 1999, we noticed progressive degradation in the second, third, and fourth runs when resuspending in formamide.  I was told by one of the R&D scientists at PE that this is dependent on the formamide purity and on the temperature.  A combination of formamide and higher temperatures cause the degradation of the ladders.  This is more of a problem with the G's.   When the 3700 was first sent out last winter and spring the degradation wasn't an issue.   It became an issue in the summer.

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