Shaker question

Julie McCollum julie at algodon.tamu.edu
Fri Dec 3 14:56:52 EST 1999


We have a brand new 3700 (been running now for all of a month) and
we're triying to scale everything up to match the capacity of the
sequencer  (we had been running all our sequencing on a 377).  So far,
everything's been working decently, except for our cell growth

How do you all grow your cells (prior to plasmid preps) in deep-well
plates?  Specifically, what kind of shaker/incubator do you use?  Right
now, we are using a "shaker" (it shakes more like a vortexer) which we
stuck in a 37 deg. constant temp. room.  This shaker was bought when we
were doing BAC preps in 96-well format, and was supossedly designed to
hold 96-well plates.  Our problem is that to get good enough aeration,
we have to turn this shaker up pretty high, but if you do that, the
plates jump around and eventually end up flinging themselves off the
shaker and onto the floor (upside down, of course).  Obviously not a
good thing.  We have been taping the plates to the shaker, but that's a
royal pain, and I'm tired of it. 

Does anyone have any advice?  Any special shaker we HAVE to have that
will make my life easier?



Julie McCollum (julie at algodon.tamu.edu)
College Station, TX

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