96 lane membrane combs

Barbara Simionati rhteam at eos.bio.unipd.it
Wed Dec 1 06:57:29 EST 1999


Yesterday I made the first test with the 96-lane membrane comb on our
The result was good: lines didn't mix at the beginning and they were
well separated along all the run.
The loading is simple: I used the Kloen loaders multichannel to load
samples on the loading tray (Web Scientific, which is associated with US
The Gel Company, gave me for testing ), put the comb teeth in the tray
holes to adsorb samples, and put the comb in the 377; I used the water
Loading process on the tray can probably be automated using our Biomek

I woul like to try to re-use membrane combs for more than one run
otherwise they would be too expensive.
Does anyone have tryed it already?

To Stephen:
>You mean you haven't thrown out all your 377's and switched
>over to capillaries? Just kidding, but how is your capillary working?.
Did you throw all your 377s out?
We, expecially who do gels and wash plates, would like to, but I am
afraid that my boss wouldn't be very happy about this.
The 3700 works very well now, it had no more problems since we connected
it to the UPS group, and we have done 10.000 sequences last month.
We are going to try 384 well plates, even if we do not have the foil
piercing yet.
It should be available soon in Italy (I hope).


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