Questions About Human Genome Project

Mon Aug 23 09:01:47 EST 1999

an anyone give an explanation of:

1)Why the so-called "Human Genome Reference" will not represent an
exact match for anyone person.(See the reference text at the end of
this message)

2)Why sample DNA of 10 to 20 people only will be used. Isn't it
statistically mistaken to sample a human population of billions of
people with only 10 or 20 samples?

For reference here is the text that originated the questions:


The human genome reference sequence will not represent an exact match
for any one person's genome.
Samples from several different anonymous individuals comprise a genome
library that is used for sequencing. The DNA in the
libraries is gathered from sperm (male) and blood (female).
Sperm has the advantange that all the human chrmosomes are
present while female sources lack a Y chromosome.
The current sperm/blood sources are obtained through a protocol
in which a large number of people donate, but only a
few of these are processed, with the source names protected.
Thus neither the donors nor the scientists know whose DNA is
actually used in these libraries. Ultimately, an estimated
10 to 20 individuals will have their DNA extensively used in
producing the first reference genome sequence. Knowledge
obtained from the human reference sequence will be applicable
to everyone because all humans still share the same basic set
of genes and genomic regulatory regions that control the
development and maintenance of their biological structures
and processes.

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