Gel Creeping

Andrew Sverre Louka andrew.louka at embnet.uio.no
Thu Aug 19 12:03:29 EST 1999

Hi everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has made their suggestions about how to resolve the
gel extrusion problem.  As yet, nobody has mentioned the Perkin Elmer
recommended procedure of washing the plates in KOH (see: 
<http://www2.perkin-elmer.com/ab/techsupp/tra22b5.html>, question 5).  Has
anyone tried this?  If so, please e-mail me, and tell me if washing
with KOH has eradicated the gel extrusion problems you may have had, or 
if you have never experienced gel extrusion problems sincewashing with
KOH.  Please, please tell me!!

I will review all of the replies, and summarise them to the group in the
end of next week.



Institute of Immunology
The National Hospital
   University of Oslo

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