Sample sheets for loading ABI's with multipipette

C. Desmarais cid at u.washington.edu
Mon Aug 16 17:53:43 EST 1999

On 9 Aug 1999, Alison Brown wrote:

> Is there such a thing as a program which will allow automatic conversion of
> a normal Genescan sample sheet into one which has been loaded using an
> automatic pipette, for example when every 6th well is loaded on a 96 well
> upgrade?  

If you can have someone write a script to put your samples in the right
order, that would be the best option. What we've done is we just made an
excel spreadsheet that has a space to paste the sample list in, then
automatically rearranges the samples to fit a 96-well 8 channel loading
format. We load markers every 6 lanes to help with tracking, and the
spreadsheet includes these as well. We just copy and paste the sample
names into the sample sheet from there.

Cindy Desmarais
Finishing Coordinator
University of Washignton Genome Center

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