Opening for DNA Seq. Facility Manager

Skip Vaught, Brian Coullahan, Mark Schwartz, and Felisa Blackmer Skip Vaught, Brian Coullahan, Mark Schwartz, and Felisa Blackmer
Fri Aug 6 03:58:09 EST 1999

Dear Friends,

I am resigning from my position as manager of the University of Arizona's
DNA Sequencing Facility. If you have experience:

1) Managing the day-to-day operation of a high through-put service.
2) Thorough knowledge of the operation of ABI's automated DNA Sequencing
Systems (377 & 373). Both hardware and software.
3) Ability to troubleshoot gel images and electropherograms. Diagnose poor
results and offer solutions. (A very strong focus of ours.)
4) Knowledge of basic cloning and PCR procedures.
5) Ability to interact with a diverse and often demanding clientele.
6) Strong computer skills.
7) Managing a large flow of data.
8) Working and supervising personnel in an often stressful and frenetic

If you are interested in working in this wonderful desert city (the sunsets
are extraordinary), please contact me at (520) 621-9184.

Best regards,

Skip Vaught
DNA Sequencing Service
University of Arizona
Tucson, Arizona

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Skip Vaught-     jev at u.arizona.edu
Brian Coullahan- coullaha at u.arizona.edu
Mark Schwartz-   schwartm at u.arizona.edu
Felisa Blackmer- blackmer at u.arizona.edu

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