Any Genotypers out there?

rEN rsegurdo at tcd.ie
Fri Apr 30 13:57:31 EST 1999

One of the CEPHs on Panel 10 even features this. We've been
calling them as the one above (ie larger), although
it seems a pity to lose this potential extra information.
	I think as long as you're consistent, it shouldn't
good luck,

Trinity College Dublin

Alison Brown <abrown at well.ox.ac.uk> writes:

>I've been asked a question which I can't answer and I wondered if any
>genotypers out there could help out.  We are using the LMSv2 marker set from
>ABI to do high through-put genotyping.  Several groups have found primers
>which give alleles 1 bp apart - the question is how to people deal with them
>- are they ignored, or put into normal bins - if so which one, the one
>before or the one after.


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