Plate cleaning "redux"

Tim Marriner Tim.Marriner at Bristol.ac.uk
Thu Apr 29 12:28:47 EST 1999

Yep, definitely something there... 
I (very rarely!) do the same, by misorienting the plates...  the action 
of the gel certainly plays with the molecules, because ABI recommend that 
on receipt of new plates, a gel is poured to 'side' them... this should 
always be maintained.
 The m'na-m'na (sorry, phenomenon..) of 'that bit around the seal area' 
is based on the same thing..  Probably all very quantum..

  As an afterthought: if you DO happen to pour the gel with the plates 
'inside-out', this is a very good way to get rid of any mucky build-up on 
the 'outer' sides, as the gel/moleculey thing seems to act as a loosener 
for it - quick soak in mild detergent, and cleaner plates abound..

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