Sequencing plates and plate cleaner

Tim Marriner Tim.Marriner at Bristol.ac.uk
Thu Apr 29 03:42:35 EST 1999

I had a major problem with this at first, but now I use two sets of 
plates, so one pair can be left to soak in a very mild alconox solution 
overnight... The original (5-6 years old) plates are still going strong..
   When washed with ddH20, I find that I get very clean gels, 
particularly if the water can be applied as a 'jet' (or poured from a 
reasonable height) onto the bottom inch of the plates...   seems pressure 
rather than quantity/quality/heat works best for me.
   I don't know about Sigma plates, but I've had problems with their 
spacers and combs not fitting very well - hope it's not the same with the 
plates. I WOULD recommend using double the number of sets you have at the 
moment, as it reduces junk build-up on the surfaces.

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