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John Barlow <john_q_barlow at hotmail.com> wrote:

> LiCor's instrument should perform well, because of clearly superior design
> with the infrared dyes and low noise.  However, I did not use this
> instrument and I did not talk directly to anyone that used it.

LiCor sequencers are good to handle, read long distances and are quite
reliable. It's possible to run 66 cm or 40 cm gels in the same machine. With
66 cm gels and long read kits they regularly go over 1000 nucleotides. The
only disadvantage I know: the labelled primers are more expensive. But this
item is only important if you have often have to order new primers. It is no
problem if you are using a defined set of primers, which is modified rarely.

I've read that the follow-up costs are higher with ABI sequencers because
they use a very expensive argon laser. The LiCor laser is less expensive and
is told to have a longer life time.


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