64 well tips?

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Wed Apr 21 12:07:44 EST 1999

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  Mat <mathew at mnightingale.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Hi I work for Oswel in the UK, and we use 0.2ml duck bill tips from Anachem.
> They are a bit tedious as you have to load each well on it's own. But it
> only takes about 30 mins to load a 64 gel. If you want email me and I will
> find out the part number for you.
> Hope this helps
> Mat

I use the same tips to load a 377 with 48 castellated wells, they work great.
I have to say though that they don't work so well with the 96 lane upgrade.
We have stopped using our machines as 96 laners because they are too hard to

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