64 well tips?

Mat mathew at mnightingale.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Apr 20 17:48:08 EST 1999

Hi I work for Oswel in the UK, and we use 0.2ml duck bill tips from Anachem.
They are a bit tedious as you have to load each well on it's own. But it
only takes about 30 mins to load a 64 gel. If you want email me and I will
find out the part number for you.

Hope this helps


Vic DeFilippis wrote in message <7egjld$h8f at net.bio.net>...
>I have been trying to load the 64 well combs (0.2 mm) with various brands
>of tips and I find them all to be very unacceptable.  They are just too
>wide to fit effectively inside the well so the invariable result is spill
>over into the adjacent wells.  Can anyone suggest a specific tip for this
>purpose that they are satisfied with?  We use 10uL and 20uL pipettemen for
>loading.  And by the way, loading 48 lanes has been very successful.
>Thanks in advance.
>vrdefili at uci.edu

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