Printer problem

Dr Gabor Igloi gabor at sun2.uni-freiburg.de
Mon Apr 19 12:15:07 EST 1999


We have an HP 1600CM printer attached to our ABI310. The printer worked
fine for the first nine months. For the last six months we have had the
following phenomenon: after printing one, two or even several
electropherograms the cartridge carriage moves to its start position as
if to continue printing but then moves about 5 cm to the left and stops,
thereby making it impossible to start the next print job. The only thing
to do is to turn the printer off and on again. The carriage then takes
up its park position and we can start printing again. If one leaves it
in its inoperable state, after several hours(!) the carriage moves to
its basic position and the ink warning light blinks. If one now presses
the button below the flashing light, the printing resumes.

The printer has been to two independent HP dealers and they claim that
there is nothing wrong with it. HP say that if there is no error message
then there is no hardware problem. ABI have been contemplating without
any real advice. They suggested adding more RAM (which kind seems
strange since the printer worked OK for some time). Not surprisingly,
now with 64 MB RAM, there has been no effect. I have reinstalled the
printer software, again with no improvement.

Does anyone have any ideas on this, before I reach for the sledge hammer

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