The Way to cut cost of ABI 377 BigDye Sequencing.

Akira Tanigami atanigam at otsuka.genome.ad.jp
Tue May 26 17:28:42 EST 1998

Dear Dr. Zlobin,

	We usually use 1/10 of BigDye reaction mixture for sequencing
plasmids or PCR products. 1/16 of PRISM works well. I dilute the mixture
with 2.5x PCR buffer supplied with Taq polymerase. But someone prefer to use
custom buffer to adjust pH more strictly. We don't have any experience of
dilution for sequencing BACs/PACs. GENPAK (info at genpak.co.uk) sells special
reagent for BAC sequencing (halfTERM-XL), but we don't have any experience.

                                                        Best Regards,

                        Akira Tanigami, M.D., Ph.D.
                        Otsuka GEN Research Institute
                        463-10, Kagasuno, Kawauchi-cho
                        Tokushima, 771-0192, JAPAN
                        tel. +81-886-65-2888
                        fax. +81-886-37-1740

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