Need Help... 377 Package

Jeffrey R Gilmore gilmore at worldnet.att.net
Tue May 19 18:17:40 EST 1998

Recently (March 98) Alpha Genetics, Inc. (AGI) had its facility lease
terminated. We are no longer able to operate because commercial build-out
for accreditation/certification quality laboratory space is not financially
feasible (lost investors...)

If you are not interested, please feel free to forward this message to
anyone who may. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

 I will pay a commission (contingent on the actual sale) of $ 5,000 US if
you direct me to a sale within the next 30 days.

We have a 377 Package that is immediately available.

PE 377 Package

One (1) ABI 377 DNA Sequencer, US/Japan, Serial Number 96122249, Manuals
One (1) 377 Sequence Module
One (1) Kit, Genescan Software, Manuals
One (1) 377 Sequencer Kit 36cm WTR
One (1) Sequence Navigator, Two (2) User License, Manuals
One (1) Genotyper, Two (2) User License, Manuals
One (1) Geneamp PCR System 9600, 120V, Serial Number N19430
One (1) Power Macintosh Computer 7200/120, 32 MB RAM (for 377)

Bonus Periphery
One (1) Iomega Zip Drive, Parallel SCSI Interface (for 377)
One (1) Power Macintosh Computer 7600/132, 32 MB RAM (Processing)
One (1) Iomega Zip Drive, Parallel SCSI Interface (Processing)
One (1) Epson Stylus Color 500

My Contract Obligation: $ 130,953.97 US ( I will accept $ 115,000)

Lease Payments:   $     2,817.31 US / Month (or $ 2,600 if tax exempt, I
will consider subsidising the lease payments $ 200/month if you assume the
lease, there will be no assumption fee just a transfer of the obligation
over the remaining 45 payments)

The System has had less than 250 Hours of Run Time and is in Perfect
Condition. No Service Calls were ever required on the System.

I would like to discuss an assumption of the current lease or a buyout on
our remaining obligation with any interested party. I will accept $ 110,000
US for all of the items listed above including an inventory of other
laboratory equipment (-80 Freezer, Refrigerated Microfuge, etc. -- e-mail
for complete list)

Please send all inquiries to gilmore at worldnet.att.net  or call (513)

Thank You,

Jeffrey R. Gilmore
Cincinnati, Ohio

P.S. Please forward this message to any and all potentially interested
individuals, departments or institutions. Any help or direction you may
offer will be greatly appreciated.

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