Cleaning cycle-sequencing rxns before runs?

mpento mpento at cmgm.stanford.edu
Sat May 16 11:47:05 EST 1998

How you clean up your sequencing reactions depends on your chemistry(big
dyes or rhodamines), number of samples and how close you want to get to
your primer.  Most Ethanol or isopropanol percipitations (cheapest) do
give some dye blobs at the beginning(can be improved with practice and
some tweaking).  We use CentriSep columns from princton separations
http://www.prinsep.com/psinew/text/company_text.html (probably the most
expensive ~$2.30 ea).  There are some cheaper sephadex G50 columns out
Pharmacia http://www.biotech.pharmacia.se/dnapurif/dnapurif.htm#dps1,
edge biosystems(formerly AGTC) http://www.edgebio.com
IMEC(international mould engineering corp)(410) 672-0009  
There are some options for doing 96well plates too.  
Check out ABI web page for some options and protocols

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