Tracking software and shark tooth combs bending on 377 64 lanes?

Audun Slettan Audun.Slettan at biosoft.no
Fri May 15 16:07:40 EST 1998

We are currently running three ABI 377 with 36 lanes and want to upgrade
them to at least 64 lanes (later maybe to 96). How is your experiences
regarding bending/chrashing of the 64 wells shark tooth comb teeth
compared to the 36 wells shark tooth combs?
As I understand the 96 well combs are made of a more robust plastic
material that don=B4t bens so easy. Correct.
Also, are the new lane tracking system that works on the 96 lanes
upgrading also working for the 64 and 36 lanes versions?
Best regards
Audun Slettan

Audun.Slettan at biosoft.no

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