Odd Gel Question.

Stuart Bayliss SB64 at leicester.ac.uk
Fri May 8 19:08:21 EST 1998

Hi All,

A little bit of a puzzler for you all.  I've put a new gel picture on our labs trouble shooting web page 
(home page: www.le.ac.uk/cmht/pnacl/pnacl.html then follow links to the trouble shooting section).  
It's the gif at the bottom of the page and has lanes that lean on the right hand side of the gel.  

There's a bit of information on the web page about the gel but for those of you who can't get to it 
(please let me know if it's a problem with the links!!) here goes:  Most of the gels I run at the moment 
suffer from lanes moving in the hoizontal plane (L to R mainly, but does occur in both directions, 
sometimes together).  The movement can be of upto 2.5 lanes.  The gels are 36cm WTR plates, 1200 
(2X) run over 9hrs (15 min pre run) on a 377XL.  The gel is 5% Longranger made from 50% conc 
stock.  300ul APS, 35ul TEMED, 5ml 10X TBE.  I can't see any gel extrusion, the plates sit fine in the 
cassette, and the machine is clean (!).  The most movement seems to occur at about 3500 scans, and 
on a full gel the lanes can move very close to the edge of the gel image, although I've lost no data yet 
it could interfere if we go to 96 lanes. Oddly the data quality is not affected by this movement as we 
get runs of 750 bases using BigDye terminators.

If anyone else sees the problem, or has a fix mail please let me know - I'd like to get rid of this 
problem, if only to make the tracking work more often!!!

Oh, I've recently revamped the architecture of our web site - apologies to everyone who'd 
bookmarked pages that are now redundant - please goto our homepage and remark the pages of 

Thanks for your time.


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