200-300 dip in DNA sequences

Harold G. Hills hhills at iastate.edu
Fri Mar 27 04:31:59 EST 1998

There are several users who have found that taurine buffer solves this dip.
It is a lot simpler to just change buffer and move forward.  Since we have
used taurine buffer the problem has never returned.  We wash our plates in
alconox, rinse with very hot water and then Deionized water.  None of the 3
washes with this and two of that etc.  No special detergents.

In addition the taurine is a 20X conc. so has to be made less often, never
preciptates and goes into solution immediately instead of the 20-30 minutes
to get the TBE components to dissolve.

Now, I have found one person who tried taurine and did not get improvement.


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