For Sale (Assume Lease) on 377 Package

Jeffrey R Gilmore gilmore at worldnet.att.net
Tue Mar 24 07:21:55 EST 1998

Recently Alpha Genetics, Inc. (AGI) had its facility lease terminated. We
are no longer able to operate because commercial build-out for
accreditation/certification quality laboratory space is not financially

We have a 377 Package (9600 ThermoCycler, Extra Processing Computer, Zip
Drives, Printers, All Software Modules, etc.) that is immediately available.

I would like to discuss an assuming of the current lease or a buyout on our
remaining obligation with any interested party.

Please send all inquiries to gilmore at alphagenetics.com

Thank You,

Jeffrey R. Gilmore

P.S. Please forward this message to any and all potentially interested
individuals, departments or institutions. Any help or direction you may
offer will be greatly appreciated.

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