multichannel pipette

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Sat Mar 21 18:29:11 EST 1998

    The wells of the Alfx are not compatible with a standard 8 or 12
channel pipettors.  If a pippettor existed that could load the Alfx's
wells, then it would not be compatible with the standard 96 well microtitre
    Alas, this is not a problem that can be solved by making a different
comb, because there is one fixed detector for each lane.
    The .3 mm spacers work okay for you for sequencing (full size) gels?  I
used to snap an average of one per gel I ran.  (Alfx spacers are made of
glass because the laser goes through the gel from the side.)  After I ran
out, I went back to the .5 mm spacers.  If you use an acrylamide like PAGE+
(from AMERESCO) and .5 mm spacers you can go with a 2:1 buffer gradient
(0.5x TBE in the running buffer, 1x in the gel) and get a gel done in 10-11
hrs.  2 gels a day, if you push it (and we do, usually).  Once you get the
kinks worked out you can get gels averaging over 800 bases (upright
sequence = >99% accurate).

Phillip San Miguel
Purdue University
Bennetzen lab
B.Hirst wrote:

> Does anyone use a multichannel pipette for loading the ALFExpress
> sequencer?
> If so which one and with which tips? We use 0.3mm gels, duckbilled tips
> and a single pipette for loading both sequencing and mutation analysis
> gels.

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