MATLAB programming position

Dr. Mark W. Perlin perlin at cybergenetics-inc.com
Fri Mar 20 04:34:35 EST 1998

Job Title: Biotechnology Software Developer

Job Description: A Pittsburgh-based biotech startup company is seeking a
computer programmer to develop and maintain new biocomputing software
products for revolutionizing genetics.  

Software products include the TrueAllele(TM) Technology for fully
automated scoring of microsatellite genotyping data.  Input: automated
DNA sequencer files.  Output: scored alleles ready for linkage analysis. 

Job Requirements: The ideal candidate would have a strong quantitative
ability, an interest in biomedical applications, and be able to work
well both independently and in teams.  BA/BS degree or greater.  Some of
the following experience -- Languages: MATLAB, C/C++.  Courses: CS, EE,
math, biology, genetics, stats.  O/S: UNIX, MAC/PC.  

Job Type: Full-time positions, Summer positions
Salary Range: Competitive
Job Location: Oakland, Pittsburgh

Please email (plain text), FAX, or mail resume to: 
Cybergenetics, Inc.
160 North Craig Street, Suite 210
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 683-3005 FAX
recruit at cybergenetics-inc.com

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