Big dyes sequencing cleanup

Jan De Riek j.deriek at clo.fgov.be
Wed Mar 4 09:10:02 EST 1998

Dear newsgroupers,

I want to thank everybody by this for the answers on the multicomponent
matrix error question. I've solved the problem by making a new matrix
for three components.

Here I've got a new question. For cleaning up of the Big dyes sequencing
rxns i've used Pharmacia Microspin Columns S-200 HR. I've found that the
results on gel were very weak even the control.
So I think this columns are not to good way of working.
Does anyone know which columns are the best for cleaning up the big dyes
terminator rxns, and where I can order them.

Thanks a lot in advance,



Department for genetics and plant breeding
CLO - Gent

E-mail : j.deriek at clo.fgov.be

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