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Tue Jun 30 15:24:15 EST 1998

Hi Mick,

I was approached about 6 months ago by GeneCodes.  It took five months
before I "found time" to try the demo of Sequencher that he had sent me,
but once I'd tried it, boy was I impressed!  The GUI and incredible speed
are the obvious advantages, but the price is pretty hefty.

Like you, I am still in two minds.  I saw a thread in
news://bionet.software.gcg [Subj.: Re: GCG Substitutes] about alternative=
to GCG.  Most of the thread has been deleted now, except the reponses to =
question about Sequencher which is basically the same as yours.  You migh=
like to have a look.

I would be grateful for a concise summary of any responses (a posting wil=
be fine :-).  I am still torn between Staden
(http://www.mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk/pubseq/) and Sequencher.  Staden is a *lot*
cheaper at =A3100 for academic users (=A3300 with updates and support for=
year).  The cost includes all tools covering both DNA assembly and
DNA/protein analysis.  Even better, the price is for a site licence, not
for a single copy!

Staden is, however, for UNIX.  It will run on a Linux box, but not Linux =
a PowerPC (i.e. MkLinux or Linux/PPC on an IBM, Macintosh or BeBox for
example).  I'm told they might be porting to Windoze soon, but personally=
if I settle for Staden, I will install it on a university UNIX box, then
let all of the users in my lab access it through an X Server (i.e.
X-Windows on a Win or MacOS platform).  A free X server is available from
http://www.microimages.com/freestuf/mix/.  You will need to install extra
X-fonts, in particular, helvetica!

I am still waiting to hear from GeneCodes, why their software is better...

I hope that this has been useful.


In article <6n8vda$ldj at net.bio.net>, Dr Mick Jones <mjones at rpms.ac.uk> wr=

>Please could anybody give me some advice on which assembly package to
>purchase. Has anybody tried Sequencher? If so, any views? Are there any
>specific draw backs to it? Is there a better package?

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