DNA sequence Correcting Data Shifts in gel files

Harold G. Hills hhills at iastate.edu
Mon Jun 29 16:02:08 EST 1998

In the June 98 Vol 24, No. 6 of BioTechniques pg 1002-1003 is an article by
Kevin O'Brien on correcting data shifts in 377 Gel Files.  I have had a
chance to use it and it works very well.  Salvaged a gel which ordinarily
we would have reloaded.  Many thanks to Kevin for making this available.
It was ironic that someone gave us a copy of the article and a few days
later there was a gel with a data shift.  It was only the second gel in 3
years of using the 377s where we had had it happen.  Check out the article,
the software can de downloaded from his web site:


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