ALFexpress Users

B.Hirst B.J.Hirst at reading.ac.uk
Wed Jun 17 03:34:18 EST 1998

Important for all ALFexpress users

We at the core Sequencing facility at Reading University,
UK, have had a problem with our three ALFexpress sequencing
machines now and six months ago. When we change our water,
we have found black particles that have caused problems by
lodging in the water jacket of thermoplates and causing the
detectors to repeatedly misfire and so ruin any
sequencing. We use deionised, double distilled water and
change it every three months.

What I want to know is for all ALFexpress users:

1. What water do you use?
2. How often do you change it? 3. Have you found any black
particles in the water? 4. Next time you change the water,
Please look for them.

If you want to reply to me, please do at
B.J.Hirst at reading.ac.uk

I am most interested for any responses to these questions
as I cannot believe we are unique at Reading.

Thanks in advance

Barbara Hirst
AMS Reading University
UK Tel: 0118 987 5123 x7027
e-mail: B.J.hirst at reading.ac.uk

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