Sequencher moving to Windows NT/95

David C. Fritzinger dfritzin at myriad.com
Wed Jun 17 03:34:55 EST 1998

In article <6526oo$l1a at net.bio.net>, Howard Cash <howardc at genecodes.com> wrote:

> GENE CODES CORPORATION is pleased to announce that SEQUENCHER, the 
> complete
> software solution for DNA sequencing, will be available soon for Windows
> 95/NT. Beta testing on the Windows version will begin in December. 
> Pricing 
> for the Windows version will be 30% higher due to royalties on the  
> Macintosh-to-Windows porting tools.
> SPECIAL OFFER. Purchase Sequencher for Macintosh now, before December 31,
> 1997, and Gene Codes will switch the purchased copies to the Windows
> version at no additional charge when it is available. This constitutes as
> 30% Savings.
> PREVIEW of Sequencher for Windows will be held at the American Society of
> Cell Biology in Washington, DC. Attend the Gene Codes Exhibitors Showcase,
> Tuesday December 16, 1997 at 7:00 AM (Breakfast Provided) or stop by the
> Gene Codes Booth (#612).
> MAIN FEATURES of Sequencher:
>  - Fast accurate fragment assembly
>  - Import automated sequencer files from ABI, ALF, LI-COR, SCF etc.
>  - Quick and easy contig editing
>  - Utilize chromatograms in contig editing
>  - Excellent user interface
>  - Heterozygote detection
>  - Protein translation
>  - Restriction enzyme analysis
>  - ORF analysis
>  - Mark features and motifs
> For more information, please e-mail Gene Codes at info at genecodes.com or
> call us at 800.497.4939 (USA)  313.769.7249(Elsewhere) or fax us at
> 313.769.7074.

Are you still going to make Sequencher for Macintosh?

Dave Fritzinger
Myriad Genetics, Inc.

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