plate fluorescence

Kimberley Richardson kimberley at contig.agrf.org.au
Wed Jul 1 19:00:22 EST 1998

I am interested to know whether  or not anyone has experienced excessive
plate fluorescence on the ABI 377's.

All of a sudden we have noticed that our plates have started to glow
bright blue on the plate check.  Our standard treatment of our plates is
to CeO and Alconox wash the plates every second gel run, and then wash
them in the dishwasher using multiterge detergent.  After every other
run a normal dishwaher run with multiterge is done.

The fluorescence is not in the gel mix, due to plate checking the plates
without a gel in them.  So far we have changed the detergent in the
dishwaher, and made new stocks for both the CeO and the Alconox.  We
even Acid/Base treated one set of plates which also failed to remove the
fluorescence.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Kimberley Richardson

Australian Genome Research Facility

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