Owl Otter sequencing gel caster

Paul Morrison PTM at phsexch1.partners.org
Fri Jan 30 11:40:12 EST 1998

Alison Brown wrote:
> Does anyone use this system for pouring gels?  Can you tell me the benefits
> of using it?  Is it available in the UK?
> Alison Brown

Alison, we have used the Otter to pour 373 gels for eons and when we
started pouring 377 gels used the abi contraption once. We then were
very happy pouring the 377 gels with the otter too. The Otter in combo
with the Long Ranger Singels and haven't had a strange gel in a long
Owl Scientific's fax number is 781-935-8499 voice 781-935-9499
I'm sure if you fax them they can tell you the easiest way to get it in
the UK.

hope this helps, Paul

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