what is everyone using?

Michael Tan mstan at tally.UCHSC.edu
Wed Jan 28 04:59:36 EST 1998


just want to know what types of configs everyone is using.  I would like
to compile a list and evaluate the topologies..... e.g. which computers
are mostly used....sequencers...software etc....
and make it available for sequencing core managers, or others
interested--to provide info on network system design and implementation
with high throughput DNA sequencing technology.  

Here is what we have:
3 ABI 373's 
 -Each with a Mac Centris 650, system 7.1 
  -ABI 373 software v2.0

1 ABI Catalyst
 -Molecular Bio workstation

1 Autogen
 -Automated plasmid prep

1 Mac Quadra 950
 -system 7.0.1
 -used to collect eltropherograms from 373's... e.g. re-tracking
 -archive to Maxtor Floptical (soon to CD-ROM via toast)

1 Sun SPARCstation 20
 -Solaris 2.5.1 w/CDE v1.01
 -Sybase 4.11
 -3.0 GB online

1 Sun SPARCstation 2
 -Solaris 2.5.1
 -1.5 GB online

quick and dirty:
DNA sample -> set up rxns on catalyst -> Collect on 373 -> send to
quadra 950 for re-tracking, etc -> archived to floptical -> sent to
SPARC 20 -> edited/assembled with phred/phrap, view with consed ->
BLASTed -> retain certain seq info-store in DB -> further analysis with
SPARC 2 or 20......

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