377 burning

Robert_Vogrig at hc-sc.gc.ca Robert_Vogrig at hc-sc.gc.ca
Wed Jan 28 17:45:56 EST 1998

Hi Alison,
	I am not sure if you are having the same problem as we did a year ago.
We were getting arcing, and both the gel and the comb were burned. I
noticed that the level of buffer in the upper buffer chamber was way too
low. The leak was fixed by pulling the clear rubber gasket off and in
its place I put silicone (ABI supplied us with it or you can get it from
the local hardware store) and then place the old gasket on top.Let it
harden and your off to the races.You will find it harder to clamp the
upper buffer chamber to the cassette, but it has not arced since. 
Hope this helps

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