Problem with 377 status

photobotanica at geocities.com photobotanica at geocities.com
Thu Jan 22 19:07:49 EST 1998

I too experience this problem.  I think it's a bug in the software
leading the computer to think that the run has not completed unless the
time has gone to zero.  This is particularly annoying when my buffer
evaporates after 7 hours (in a 10 hour run) and the computer pauses
until I come and fix it in the morning.  Then the computer tries to do a
3 hour plate check and doesn't quit without unplugging everything and
reinstalling firmware.

My solution:  Everytime you start a run, prerun or plate check, open the
status window and check to see if it's set up properly.  If not, cancel
the run and keep repeating it until it works.

G Harrison
caribou at u.washington.edu

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