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Bernd Weisshaar weisshaa at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
Tue Jan 20 07:05:01 EST 1998

Dear Autoseq-ers,

dear Ron,

I also tryed to get such information from Abi. But they did not provide me
with the information required. We only reached the point that a
Tab-delimited table could be pasted into the program. My intention was to
write a UNIX-based software which helps handeling sample-sheet set-up
together with (partly) automated request handeling. I have not given up
this plan completely. If you get information about how to create a
bona-fide sample file, could you let me know?

Best regards, Bernd

To Abi: Why is it such a problem to make the information available?????

>Does anyone have a description of the format
>for ABI sample files? Do they differ much for
>different versions of the analysis software?
>Thanks in advance!
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