ABI Sample files

Nelson, Thomas C. Nelson#m#_Thomas_C#d#.PRILVMS1 at msmail.bms.com
Tue Jan 20 15:44:12 EST 1998

There is information regarding the file structure of the ABI sample files. 
Basically the files are composed of many large arrays of data, some for the
raw data, some for the processed data, some for the editable and uneditable
sequence text, some for the peak locations etc., etc., etc.  There is a huge
amount of information in there.  There is an "index" towards the end of the
file that has byte offset pointers to the different data fields.  You can get
an excellent description of the files and the "index" and index entries in a
paper by Clark Tibbets.  You can get it from:


download this zip file, unzip it and it becomes a postscript file that you can
print or view.  (Thanks Dr. Tibbets!!!)  The paper contains a wealth of
information regarding the technology and the files involved.

I found this most useful and am almost finished with a C++ class library for
reading/handling ABI sample files.

Hope this helps.

Tom Nelson
Bristol-Myers Squibb PRI
nelson_t at bms.com

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