SAMPL and SSR-primers

Jan De Riek j.deriek at clo.fgov.be
Fri Jan 16 09:07:41 EST 1998


I want to use 5'anchored SSR primers in a modified AFLP protocol called
SAMPL = Selective Amplfication of Microsatellite Polymorphic Loci,
it uses the adaptor ligation stock from the AFLP-protocol. Then a
PCR-amplification is done by using the AFLP touchdown PCR-profile with
the Eco RI-primer and the labelled SSR-primer.

I've searched already a lot but I've found only a few articles and
abstracts with very little information !
Does anyone have experience with this technique?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Jochen Dendauw

j.deriek at clo.fgov.be

Thanks a lot advance

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