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Tue Jan 13 17:28:49 EST 1998


I am setting up a high thoughput DNA sequencing lab and am considering several
software solutions for project/data management.  I would be interested in
hearing if anyone out there in a genome center or other high throughput lab
has been using the BioLims system by ABI.  If so, what do you think about it
so far?  Are there any other "complete" software solutions out there that
people are using for large scale sequencing projects?  What are the pros and
cons of each.  We have a "home grown" system that we use for our core lab, but
I would like to find out about commercial packages that are available too.

What I really would like to hear are the opinions of labs who are actually
using the software, and not responses from software marketing people.  I
understand the temptation for companies to respond to these posts and try to
market their goods, but I only want comments from users in the field at this
time please.

Tom Nelson
nelson_t at bms.com

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