No EP voltage detected - eh?

Anthony Tomlinson tomlinson at pplros.demon.co.uk
Tue Jan 13 05:52:36 EST 1998

Replying to my own post - very sad!

Just thought I'd summarize all the mail I've had, for which thanks to

A lot of people mailed me suggesting that it could be due to depleted
broken wires, corroded electrodes etc.  This would give no -current-, not
-voltage-, but so many people said they've seen no voltage with problems
of this
type that I concluded that the software/instrument might give misleading
messages sometimes.  The tanks etc worked on another 377, and I checked
sockets in my 377 and they looked fine.

Other people suggested a buffer leak down the spacers, presumably giving a
short, but this seems unlikely to do much damage other than arcing, as
the volume
of buffer might be expected to be fairly low in comparison to the volume
the gel.  However, I checked it and ruled out any buffer leak.

One person (who probably wants to remain anonymous) told me that ABI had
out and replaced the power pack and then the whole board - did it work?
board has just been replaced, and that seems to have cured the problem,
the engineer thinks was in the relay that controls the power supply.

SO thanks to for all your input; it always amazes me how many people out
there have
had similar problems, which when I phone tech support always seem so
Perhaps we're just too shy about moaning on the newsgroup.  ABI people
read it,
which is useful for all of us.  So if you're listening, Roger, hi! And
another one for your scrapbook.


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