Cleaning Glass Plates for ABI377 Sequencer

Jane Bygraves jbygrav at nibsc.ac.uk
Mon Jan 12 11:58:32 EST 1998

For about 20 months since owning our ABI377 Sequencer we have successfully
been able to keep our glass plates more or less free of 'stray green
fluorescence blobs' by doing a post sequence run wash of Alconox/tap
water/distilled water/air dry. From about November 1997 we have had a more
serious problem and have up until now been able to wash out the 'blobs' by
doing very long preruns or starting a run. Now we appear only to be able to
solve it by alkali/acid washing the plates after every run. Somehow after
each run a fluorescent residue remains firmly attached to the plates. Does
anyone else have a similar history of experience and/or can recommend a
quick, simple, safe remedy?


				Jane Bygraves
                         Division of Bacteriology
                               Blanche Lane 
                                Potters Bar 
                       (01707) 654753 (x444)

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