Cleaning Sequencing plates

Jessica Borger jessica.borger at imvs.sa.gov.au
Wed Jan 7 06:15:50 EST 1998

I have been on holidays so I may have missed some articles but I thought
I would let everyone know a simpler way of cleaning sequencing that
works for us (which means it probably wont work for anyone else!) other
than using chomerge, which seem pretty potent.
We simply place our sequencing plates in a 3M HCl wash (ie a tub
containing the wash and ensuring both plates are entirely submerged) and
leave the plate for a minimum of 1 hour to approx 48 hours (ie over the
weekend). Once they are removed from the acid wash run deionised water
over them to remove any grit and acid and then pour approx 1L of hot
deionied water over them and that's it.
After every run we simply clean the plates with hot tap water and rub
our hands over them, place them in a dishwasher with 'Focus'
non-fluorescent dishwashing liquid (diluted 1/100), pour 1L of hot
deionied water over them and let them air dry. Gel images remain black
as black for an entire week. 
If this till doesn't work we used to clean our 373 plates in 'Alconox'
and I've read an article that the use of Cerium Oxide eliminates green

Jessica Borger

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