Cleaning Sequencing Plates...Corrected

MICHELLE.L.VAN.HEE at monsanto.com MICHELLE.L.VAN.HEE at monsanto.com
Sun Jan 4 11:47:03 EST 1998

For those who missed the first correction to the recipe for the glass cleaning
solution, here is the corrected posting.  Chromerge used to be sold
commercially, but I have heard you can't buy it premixed anymore.  Anyway, the
stuff works well, but please be careful and use appropriate safety equipment.
Sorry about the initial error.

Hi all,
In regards to cleaning sequencing plates, we have always very successfully
soaked all of our plates in a chromerge bath at room temperature overnight.  We
soak them when they are first received and whenever they start to show a build
up, are difficult to pour or have any sort of haze.  Soaking at room temperature
overnight is the same as soaking at 55C for the recommended hour or so.  After
the soak, the plates are unbelieveably clean, as chromerge will eat through
anything except glass.  We fill a molded TLC chamber with the mix, soak one end,
then flip and do the other end.  This stuff should be handled with care, and it
reacts with water, so use running and cold when rinsing the soaked plates, and
gloves and lab coat, etc. etc. but the recipe is 200ml SULFURIC acid, plus
25g potassium dichromate.
Michelle Van Hee
mlvanh1 at monsanto.com

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