250-300 dip

Emma Puttick E.Puttick at mailbox.uq.edu.au
Sat Feb 28 05:37:12 EST 1998

Dear Newsgroup,

We have been experiencing a consistent loss of peak height intensity and
resolution in 30bases in the 250-300bp region. We see this on every gel
and in every sample. After that region the intensity and resolution
improves and we can usually read out to 600-700bp. We have seven 377's,
which we run 2-3 times/day doing 4 hour runs with 29:1 gels and we see
it on every gel and it doesn't matter which chemistry we are running.
This week we will be doing a series of experiments, on the reverse side
of the plates, which will hopefully isolate the reagent(s) which are
causing this problem of build-up on our plates. Our second problem is
restoring the original side of the plates. 
I have heard that MultiTerge is meant to fix this problem, but we cannot
buy it in Australia, yet.

Does anyone have any ideas on what is causing this effect and how to
eliminate it? Are there alternatives to MulitTerge?

Any sugeestions are very much appreciated!


Emma Puttick
DNA Sequencing Supervisor

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