update from RE: what is everyone using....

Michael Tan mstan at genoplex.com
Wed Feb 25 20:20:37 EST 1998

so far I have several responses from last months post of:

>What is everyone using?
>just want to know what types of configs everyone is using.  I would like
>to compile a list and evaluate the topologies..... e.g. which computers
>are mostly used....sequencers...software etc....
>and make it available for sequencing core managers, or others
>interested--to provide info on network system design and implementation
>with high throughput DNA sequencing technology.

I will email them to those that have taken part in the postings... 
However, I would still like to elicit some more responses... so if you
would like to contribute, that would be great.  I am also open to any
suggestions as to how we can manage/update this information... possibly
setup a web site that will serve possibly as a kiosk of some sort,
including information, faq's, sequencing fodder, etc..... I have space
on my web-server, so if ANYONE is interested in the further development
of this possible project let me know ASAP!

Michael Tan
Bioinformatcs / IT
GenoPlex, Inc. 
6840 N. Broadway Suite A
Denver, CO 80220
303.429.5800 x24

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