Sequencing redundancy

Phillip San Miguel pmiguel at bilbo.bio.purdue.edu
Mon Feb 23 14:53:56 EST 1998

    Am I alone in finding the "Sequencing
Strategy" section of the recent paper
(Nature391:485-488) by the EU Arabidopsis Genome
Project mystifying?  In it they state:

"The quality controls used during sequence
assembly involved comparison of 220,134 bp of
overlap sequences, resequencing of selected
regions (90,566 bp), and resequencing of suspected
low accuracy regions (8,684 bp), such as those
harbouring potential frameshifts revealed by gene
modelling.  The total sequence produced was
2,094,637 bp, and the total non-redundant sequence
was 1,874,503 bp.  Shotgun sequencing of cosmid
and BAC clones was the most common sequencing

2,094,637 / 1,874,503 = 1.12-fold redundant
sequencing?  This can't possibly be right.  Can
    Does anyone know what is going on here?
Phillip San Miguel

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