PC program for 377 electropherograms?

James Bonfield jkb at mrc-lmb.cam.ac.uk
Mon Feb 23 06:15:50 EST 1998

In article <6cmkp5$fue at net.bio.net> Agnes Tay <mcbtayhn at mcbsgs1.imcb.nus.edu.sg> writes:
>Dear Sequencers
>I'm posting this for a friend who runs a 377 and whose collaborators all
>use PCs. The collaborators want to view the electropherograms on their own
>PCs at leisure, so they'd like the data transferred across to them in a
>format that they can review on a PC. Does anyone have a simple soln for this?

There are several programs to view ABI traces on PCs. Eg Trev (our
program) and Chromas. (There are others, but I forget the names.) I
don't have a URL for Chromas, but for Trev see 


Trev can be freely downloaded for Windows from


One advantage of Trev over Chromas is that Trev also runs on Linux,
DEC Alphas, SGIs and Suns (both SunOS 4 and Solaris) with much the
same look and feel. Chromas however has an advantage over Trev in that
it supports printing. I suggest, for an unbiased viewpoint (which mine
isn't) to try both.

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