Loading a 377 XL upgrade

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We have several 377s that we normally run 64 lanes.  The spacers are .2mm 
which is even thinner than the 373XL, so it's even harder to load.  We found a
great solution.  We use the hamilton 8 channel syringes to load the gels.  The
spacing is perfect for either 64 or 48 lane gels.  I thought it would be
difficult to use, but after I tried it I found it to be extremely easy.  I
can't believe I have not been doing it this way all along.  It takes me about
10 minutes to load a 64 lane gel, and the best part is that it is so easy,
there is no stress involved anymore.

The bad part is that the syringes are so popular, they are backordered about 3
months.  But I guarantee it is worth the wait.  The syringes used to be very
difficult to keep clean and smoothly operating, but they fixed that problem by
putting a little teflon plug on the end of the plunger which keeps it smooth. 
We just rinse them well with water and they have been trouble free so far.

Hope this helps,
Tom Nelson
nelson_t at bms.com
Applied Genomics Sequencing Facility
Bristol-Myers Squibb PRI
Hopewell, New Jersey
From: Bernd Weisshaar on Thu, Feb 19, 1998 9:22 PM
Subject: Re: Loading a 377 XL upgrade
To: nobody at net.bio.net

>We have recently purchased a 377 XL upgrade and would like to know if
>any users have suggestions on the best way to load a 64 lane gel.  We
>are interested in the multi-channel pipets and syringes on the market,
>and which, if any, work best for loading 64 lanes.
>Rebecca Taylor
>U.C. San Francisco

Dear Autoseq-er's,

we have the HT upgrade since several months and still fight with the same
problem. It is difficult to load the gels, and the best solution for us w=
to load one-by-one with a 2-microliter pipete and gel-loader tips. With
increasing experience its getting better (and quicker), but if there woul=
be an alternative .... great! Did someone try the "soak the probe into
filter paper and put the filter on the gel"-approach?

Best regards, Bernd

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