Loading a 377 XL upgrade

David F. Bishop bishop at msvax.mssm.edu
Fri Feb 20 13:11:10 EST 1998

>>We have recently purchased a 377 XL upgrade and would like to know if
>>any users have suggestions on the best way to load a 64 lane gel.  We
>>are interested in the multi-channel pipets and syringes on the market,
>>and which, if any, work best for loading 64 lanes.
>>Rebecca Taylor
>>U.C. San Francisco
>Dear Autoseq-er's,
>we have the HT upgrade since several months and still fight with the same
>problem. It is difficult to load the gels, and the best solution for us w=
>to load one-by-one with a 2-microliter pipete and gel-loader tips. With
>increasing experience its getting better (and quicker), but if there woul=
>be an alternative .... great! Did someone try the "soak the probe into
>filter paper and put the filter on the gel"-approach?
>Best regards, Bernd
>PD Dr. Bernd Weisshaar
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>e-mail: weisshaa at mpiz-koeln.mpg.de
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Dear Group,

We concur. We also find the most reliable method, though slow, is to use a
2 microliter pipetter and gel tips.  We invested $500 on an 8 syringe unit
but the first time we used it one of the needles stuck between the glass
plates and pulled out of the syringe.  In our hands the needles, even
though supposedly for .2 mm gels are too fat to go into the well.  Plus the
unit is stiff, must be flushed between samples and has a dead volume equal
to the sample volume.

I recently saw an ad somewhere for a multiple dispotip gel loading
pipetter.  Has anyone had a good experience with this or any other device?

David Bishop

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