9700 Thermal Cycler supplies and PCMCIA Card

Steve Hughes julia.steve at virgin.net
Thu Feb 5 19:10:53 EST 1998

Dear all,=20
I have recently purchased an ABI 9700 Thermal cycler. The change in desig=
from the 9600 has meant certain failings in plastics from other suppliers=
. I
have been looking for a reasonably priced microtitre plate with an adhesi=
foil lid. Having tried Advanced Biotechnologies adhesive foil it is so go=
it seals the end of a pipette tip upon trying to withdraw the post PCR
product. Their plates are a bit flimsy as well. The final solution has be=
Laser Lab supplies 0.2 ml microtitre plate and Beckman's adhesive foil fo=
their Biomeck 2000. This adheres well and you get no evaporation.E mail m=
for details if required at shughes.cvl.wood at gtnet.gov.uk

The purpose of this message is the "memory" card for the 9700. PE were a
little lacking in giving details of a supplier and cost. A supplier withi=
the UK is Card Professionals Limited, Europe and USA Office, Cedarmount
House, Owlsmoor Road, Owlsmoor, Sandhurst, Berkshire GU47 0SS, UK. Tel +4=
(0) 1344 779632 Fax +44 (0) 1344 779633. The guy to speak to is Keith
Ballard or Reg Ellis-Bolton.
What you require is an SRAM card. I ordered a 2MB SRAM PCMCIA card and th=
will hold about 150 methods depending upon complexity of cycles. The cost=
about =A3120. They sell bigger cards at 4MB or smaller ones. When you ins=
it you can then copy your favourite methods across or vice versa. If you
select "RUN" with the card in it asks you from the card or the instrument
the whole thing is dead clever really. If you contact them let them know =
got it from here and quote Steve Hughes gave you the info and I may get a
free lunch.
Incidentally the 9700 really is the "Dog's Bollocks" in PCR machines. Our
work has improved when used in conjunction with Taq Gold (I am not gettin=
any freebies from PE for this mention, unfortunately)

Hope this is useful
Steve Hughes

PS. Anyone out there using AFLP for non plant stuff fancy a chat or excha=
of ideas?

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